City of Houston TIA Form

Traffic Engineers, Inc. (TEI) would like to facilitate the City of Houston (COH) Access Management for New Development Process for you. In 2015, Houston City Council approved a new COH Infrastructure Design Manual.

Project developers must submit the three-page Access Management Application (PDF) alongside the proposed site plan. However, this form was not set up with fillable text fields by the City of Houston. TEI has added this functionality to the form and can produce it for you. Simply use the web form below to populate the required fields found in Form A and Form B of the Access Management Application.

When you submit project details below, TEI will receive your data and populate any missing or omitted data (such as the ITE Trip Generation Rates, Land Use Codes, etc.) into a PDF in the COH format. This ready-to-submit PDF will then be e-mailed to the submitter, free of charge. TEI will also be available to advise you regarding whether the COH will require a Traffic Impact Analysis for your project/site. Please contact us with any questions.

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Include number of units, square feet of improvements, etc.

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