Creating stronger communities is at the heart of what we do.

TEI looks for employees who are interested in improving their communities at both a professional and personal level. We are a bunch of transportation, design, and development geeks who enjoy involvement with many organizations that are working to improve the quality of life where we live and work.

TEI volunteers organize tours and bike rides and speak at events that can inform and educate people on interesting topics. We take leadership roles and actively support local organizations like Institute of Transportation Engineers, American Planning Association, Bike Houston, Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS), Fort Bend Leadership Forum, and Houston B-Cycle with our time and talent. We lecture at Rice University and Texas Southern University. And we try to walk what we talk: TEI is one of just a handful of Houston firms recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Businesses.

Through our professional development programs, we strongly encourage our team members to participate in and speak at local and national conferences both to learn and share ideas with other thought leaders. Recent conferences where we have spoken include:

  • ITE International on traffic analysis for schools
  • Strong Towns Nation Gathering on Houston’s Transit Reimagining project
  • APA Texas on building livable communities
  • Gulf Coast Green on green transportation
  • Doctors for Change on health impacts of improving the built environment

We frequently have speakers or posters at Transportation Research Board events and other conferences and bring new ideas back to our clients.