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Barrett Ochoa

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Growing up in rural East Texas, Barrett’s interest in cities and how people move about them was sparked by his family’s frequent day-trips to Houston, seeing the hustle-and-bustle of the central business district in action. More specifically, he was fascinated at the ability to traverse the city without needing a car.

He held onto that interest as he attended Texas A&M University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning. Barrett’s experience comes not only from the classroom, but also from his role as a student bus operator for the student-run university transit service.

As an Associate with TEI, Barrett evaluates and develops transit service plans from the network-level down to individual routes. He is a proponent of effective customer communication, and he enjoys crafting intuitive, eye-catching maps and figures. Both prior experiences supporting the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County and time abroad in Bonn, Germany further inform Barrett’s perspective on transit.

Barrett embraces a car-lite lifestyle, and relies on combinations of walking, bike share, and transit to complete nearly all weekly trips. He enjoys planning his travels around which new transit systems he can learn from, and he can be found riding wherever there is high-comfort bicycle infrastructure or onboard where there is high-frequency transit. When not on the move, he serves as the Communications Chair for the Young Professionals in Transportation Houston chapter.