Da Li



About This Project

Da Li, PE

dali (at) trafficengineers (dot) com

From a young age, Da was interested in math and physics, and she was the top scorer in her classes. She believes science and engineering are the most powerful tools to shape a world in which she wants to build, live, and enjoy. So it is no surprise she stepped onto the career path of a civil engineer.

Da earned her BS in Shipping Management from Dalian Maritime University, a Master of Engineering in Intelligent Transportation Systems from Beijing Jiaotong University, and also an MS in Transportation Planning and Management from Texas Southern University. Da is a licensed civil engineer in both Texas and Arizona.

As an Associate with TEI, Da’s specialties include geometric design, traffic signal design, traffic simulation modeling, traffic signal timing, and traffic impact analysis. She is intrigued by all kinds of traffic software to perform data driven analyses. She takes great pride in the idea that what she designs eventually becomes part of town.

When she is not in the office, you can find Da having a good time with her family, or enjoying detective fiction and movies.