Jessica Jia



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Jessica Jia, PE, PTOE

jessica (at) trafficengineers (dot) com

As a student, Jessica depended on her bicycle for six years as her only travel option. During this time, she learned the importance of having good transportation choices. Now her daily focus is to provide high quality travel options to people who have only a single choice, as she once did.

Jessica’s passion is to practice high quality designs. She believes the battle between people who drive and people who bike, walk, or ride should end. Jessica is certain each street can be shared safely and efficiently when it is designed properly.

Jessica earned a BS in Economics from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, and a MS in Transportation Planning and Management from Texas Southern University.

As a Senior Associate with TEI, Jessica’s experience includes intersection design, traffic signal design, pavement marking and signage, traffic control plans, and managing a variety of traffic studies. She completed the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Leadership Forum, and currently serves on the Chamber’s board of directors.

When Jessica is not busy chasing her toddler boys, she experiments with cooking from cultures around the world, and enjoys reading non-fiction books on a wide array of topics.