Sammy Chen



About This Project

Sammy Chen, PE, PhD, PTOE, PTP

sammychen (at) trafficengineers (dot) com

When young Sammy had fun messing with a pile of “blue papers,” he was unaware those were his grandfather’s PS&E plan set for a railroad bridge. Nor did Sammy know he would become the next civil engineer in his family history.

As a licensed engineer in Texas, Colorado, and Ohio, Sammy is passionate about traffic design and operations. As a Principal, Sammy’s experience includes traffic signal design and timing, intersection design, traffic simulation, traffic safety analysis, transportation planning, and various traffic engineering studies. Sammy brings special expertise in microsimulation of complex intersections and transit corridors.

Sammy earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree, as well as his PhD in Traffic Engineering, from Beijing Jiaotong University. Prior to joining TEI, Dr. Chen was a Research Assistant Professor with Texas Southern University, leading a number of engineering projects sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

During his spare time, Sammy enjoys exploring the science behind geometric design, and publishing technical articles in academic journals. In 2015, the Texas District of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (TexITE) honored Sammy’s work with their Technical Paper Award for “Safety Impacts of Short Left-Turn Lanes at Median Openings: Crash Experience of Houston Streets.” You may also find him practicing his jump shot at his driveway basketball goal.