TIGER 1 & 3 Bayou Greenway Trails & Signal Design

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TEI prepared engineering plans for the construction of bicycle and pedestrian trails along White Oak Bayou and Buffalo Bayous in Houston, Texas. Funding for these trails came from 2012 and 2014 TIGER grants awarded to the City of Houston and the Houston Parks Board. TEI designed three major trail segments that provide vital connections to the Bayou Greenways system: ƒ

  • White Oak Bayou between Alabonson Road and Antoine Drive extending the existing White Oak trails 0.7 miles west, and including bridge improvements and a pedestrian hybrid signal; ƒ
  • Trail connections at White Oak and Buffalo Bayous providing continuity between the two bayou trails, and better connections to UH-Downtown and METRO light rail stations above; and a
  • ƒConnection between the White Oak Bayou trail and the Near Northside community through Hogg Park.

All three trail projects support multi-modal transportation by connecting more people to transit facilities including light rail, bus lines, and transit centers. The alignments of these trail segments presented several unique design challenges including: ƒ

  • Extensive coordination with the City of Houston, Harris County Flood Control, and Army Corps of Engineers; ƒ
  • Drainage considerations to maximize usability of the trail while minimizing impacts to the bayous; ƒ
  • Steep slopes at Hogg Park and UH-Downtown that required innovative design and expertise with ADA accessibility requirements; and ƒ
  • Design of a pedestrian hybrid beacon (“HAWK” signal) at Antoine Drive to ease trail crossings.

TEI also provided construction phase services. Construction of TIGER 1 cost $1.6 mm and concluded in fall 2016. Construction of TIGER 3 cost $3.2 mm and completed in January 2018.