Transportation Planning Intern

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We gladly accept resumes for future upcoming internship opportunities, including during the Fall and Spring semesters.


Committed to improving quality of life in communities?

Have a strong interest in all modes of transportation?
Can you think critically about land use, health, economic development, and environmental factors to deliver the best outcomes?

TEI is looking for a summer intern currently studying city planning, public policy, public health, or a related field, who is curious about the relationships between transportation and the communities it serves. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about learning the nuts and bolts of how active transportation projects – like bike lanes and bus routes – get pitched, planned, designed, and built.

Job listing – Transportation Planning Intern

How to apply:

Please PDF and combine your cover letter and resume and email to careers [at] trafficengineers [dot] com.
Letters can be addressed to:

TEI Hiring Manager
Traffic Engineers, Inc.
712 Main Street, Suite 950
Houston, Texas 77002-3207